Friday, March 30, 2007

Garden jewel

This jewel is made not to wear, it's made to give it back to nature and let nature do it's thing. Then after a while you will see plants and flowers growing in the form of the jewel you put down. It's made from water resolvable fabric seeds and cotton thread.
made in 2006


This ring has the purpose of not always being visable. It depends in what angle you look at the ring. I designed and made both stone and ring. The stone is made from resin and mother-of-pearl, the ring is constructed out of silver. Made in 2005

voorleesdeken, reading blanket

This blanket is based on the personal bond between parent and child while reading. The blanket has two sets of arms. Two adult sized sleeves at the corners, and in between two smaller sized sleeves. This way the child sits in the lap of the parent while listening to a story.
It was designed and made in 2005