Sunday, March 23, 2014

Interview in Trouw

Voor iedereen die vandaag of gisteren de krant Trouw doorbladerden kon het vast niet ontgaan zijn. Er stond een groot interview met mij in het katern duurzaamheid & natuur. Ik was erg vereerd dat de getalenteerde Maaike Veldman mij vond via internet en graag een interview wilde afnemen. Ik ben ook verrast dat het zo'n mooi artikel is geworden. Breed uitgemeten met allerlei foto's van projecten en producten. De grootste foto is van de jurk van het project Staindress. Voor degene die erg nieuwsgierig zijn geworden naar het verhaal achter deze opvallende jurk/verschijning kun je hier meer lezen over dit project. En daarnaast waren er nog foto's van mijn nieuwste collectie handgemaakte Haaknaalden van gevonden hout, en handgemaakte houten naalden gemaakt van meidoornstekels.

All of you that opened the national dutch newspaper Trouw yesterday or today must have given it a glance. There was a big interview concerning me and my work. I was honored to be contacted by the talented journalist Maaike Veldman. Who found me through the internet and wanted to interview me. After a long and interesting conversation with her I was pleasantly surprised to find such a big interview including several of my projects. Under which the notable dress from the project Staindress, for whom is curious about this project you can read more here. Also included where several items of my newest collection containing handmade wooden needles and handmade crochet needles made from found twigs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NEW Knitting needles from branches

For some time now I have been working with my beloved father on a new product. Knitting Needles made from branches.

These knitting needles are made from pruning wood of different kind of trees.
The trees used have an ideal wood, but is only cut for pruning. The tree has better growth and fruit trees give more fruit after pruning. Pruning occurs yearly to improve mostly fruit trees. So no trees where cut down for these wooden knitting needles! Due to this, this product is very sustainable.

After pruning, the branches are hand selected to mach each other by size.
They are stripped of bark en hand sanded to make them smooth enough for knitting and to keep as much detail as possible.
Afterwards they are treated with a little bit of natural beeswax to preserve the wood.

These unique knitting needles can be purchased through my web shop.