Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Visiting Textielfabrique

I recently discovered this super cool sustainable initiative called 'textielfabrique' and ow my god I was sold. Such a beautiful philosophy and beautiful sustainable fabrics and yarns they have. I discovered that the shop/atelier was just a town away from me! I got in touch en visited the interesting woman behind this initiative designer, producer and teacher, Maaike Gottschal. We talked a lot about our experiences in natural dyeing and also investigated possibility's in the future. She also showed me her atelier/shop. It was so nice that I couldn't leave without buying myself something to experiment with... can't wait to find time to try this! In short it was a wonderful trip, let's have more trips like these!

A sneak peak in her atelier/shop. Showing wool she recently dyed herself by hand using walnut and cochenille
The 100% organic Indigo Starterkit I couldn't resist buying.

Having a glimpse inside the box reveals a lot of interesting things including marbles! Can't wait to try it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

First orders coming in!

After my recent post the first orders are coming in! I've already send out the first package with wooden needles today. I'm completely loving the envelopes I discovered made from recycled old german maps, they are just gorgeous!

I'm currently working on a webshop. Soon it will be a piece of cake to look at and order my newest collection! I'll update soon!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New sustainable collection!

I finished some super cute earrings, wooden needles and crochet hooks made from twigs. They represent what I think is important, use of existing natural materials like found wood or feathers and next to that they are so darn cute! And the best thing is, they are now for sale in two shops. The concept store Urban Nomads and the supercute shop Elle Aime They both have a shop in Rotterdam North (NL) All for very affordable prices, so searching for the perfect holiday gift? Contact me or visit one of the lovely shops!  I'm also on the hunt for new shops to sell my products, If you have suggestions, let me know!

First up I present, wooden needles made from the large thorns of the indigenous Crataegus. The long thorns where traditionally used as nails to attach the shoe-sole onto the leather shoe in shoemaking. The needles because of the irregular shape are perfect for the somewhat coarser fabrics. Handmade by me and treated with a touch of beeswax to conserve the wood. They come in super cute handmade packaging perfect as a gift for textile craft lovers! And the nice thing is they are very affordable. You can contact me or visit Urban Nomads concept store in Rotterdam (NL)

Next up are the crochet hooks handmade from found twigs treated also with a little Beeswax to conserve the wood. They are  in different sizes depending on the size of the found twig. The crochet hoofs are for sale at the cute shop of Lisa called Elle Aime and you can of course also buy them trough me! So feel free to contact me :)

And last but not least, Earrings made from found feathers. Every feather is washed carefully en blown dry before making these lovely earrings. They are sold in recycled glass bottles finished with a used wine cork. A handwritten label attached to the bottle tells you where the feathers where found and also from what kind of bird the feather came from. Every earring is different en unique because every time I find different feathers. And to make it even more complete I decided to donate a percentage of every earring sold to the 'vogelbescherming' (bird protection association). If you are interested in one of these earrings as a gift or as something you want for yourself. Contact me or visit the concept store Urban Nomads in Rotterdam!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New sustainable project almost done!

One my latest projects is almost done. It all has to do with feathers! This is gonna be a sweet sustainable little product which is gonna be the perfect holiday gift. As you are used to with my designs, this will not only make yourself happy, it will also make the world a little better! At the moment I'm working on illustrations to explain the concept.... very soon more about this mysterious feathery project!

a glimpse of the drawings i'm working on!

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Atelier!

Long time no blog! A lot has changed in the mean time. I've moved to a beautiful atelier-livingspace with my love in The Hague (a city near the sea). The surroundings and my atelier inspire me a lot, I've started a lot of new projects, soon more about that!  

working in my new atelier on exciting new projects

having a stroll with my love on the beach 

inspiring surroundings on just a bike ride from our new atelier and living space