Monday, January 31, 2011

Mode Museum Hasselt meets Wieteke Opmeer!

As you may have read in the earlier post I was asked to show my jewellery collection "zaaisieraad" at the Fashion Museum of Hasselt, Belgium. (Mode Museum Hasselt). I went back to Belgium to be present at the press conference and also at the opening itself. The museum had arranged a hotel for me so I wouldn't have to rush back in the middle of the night so that was very nice! On Friday morning the 28th of January the press conference started and after explaining my work to the journalist there luckely was some time off to have a nice dinner and buy a nice souvenir. After that small break it was time for the big opening that same evening! Lot's of conversations and lot's of given business cards later I went to sleep proud and tired thinking, I've gotten the taste of this :) On to the next! 

 On my way to the press conference.
 Explaining my work to the journalists.

My work in the beautiful designed surroundings by Lien Wouters.
The party in the central hall of the museum.

Very proud to see my name between the international artists and to see my photo in the catalogue of the exhibition. 

If you want to visit the exhibition or find more about the Museum and the exhibition on their website !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fashion museum dreams

I am asked to show my jewellery collection "zaaisieraad" at the Fashion Museum Hasselt, Belgium (Mode Museum Hasselt). The exhibition is called "alter nature: The future that never was" This is a very interesting exhibition which show an overview from the sixties until now with all kinds of futuristic fashion designs. I must say that I am proud to be part of this exhibition! Last week I personally visited the museum to bring the necklaces and prepare them for the exhibition. Just to make sure everything went right.

Now only a few days away from the big opening at friday evening the 28th of januari I'm already packing my bags. I'm traveling to Belgium tomorrow afternoon to prepare for the press conference that will happen on friday morning (exciting!). If you became curious you can visit the site of the Museum to read more about the exhibition. Below some pictures of preparing the necklaces for the exhibition.
Later more about the opening of the exhibition!