Monday, June 18, 2012

photo development

There is a new and exciting development in my work I want to share with you!  Recently somebody asked me how I found the photographer who photographed all my work shown on my website. On which I surprisedly answered "I always do it myself!"
I was somewhat surprised by the comments after people knew I made all pictures shown on my website myself. They said that the photo's looked so professional that they where surprised I made them. I've always photographed my own work for documentation and for my website. Also in my free time I love to photograph just for fun, so I really felt complemented by the comments, it was really nice. After these interesting remarks I got some invitations from people surrounding me to photograph for professional reasons. I was so enthusiastic that without a doubt I right away took on the photo "assignments" and did my best to make them perfect. After making the pictures, I was really surprised and so proud to hear that they liked it and where even going to use them! And now I may proudly say that I shot the cover of a magazine, and the opening spread of an article featured in the same magazine called "Down to Earth Magazine". This magazine is very into environmental situations and actions all over the world. If your interested you can also check out their facebook or follow them on twitter! And I can also proudly say that there is also a poster for a theater play and a CD cover on the way! It's amazing! I can't believe how quickly this goes! I really love doing this so who knows what is next! Below is the cover of the magazine. Later on I will keep you up to date with the other photo's assignments I did!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iris van Herpen Exhibition

Some time ago I travelled all the way to the other side of the Netherlands (from Rotterdam to Groningen) to see the exhibition about Iris van Herpen, a dutch fashion designer I really admire, at the Groninger Museum. It was a really beautiful exhibition. It was amazing to see her dazzling pieces in real life. The only down point was that my camera after 10 minutes suddenly had no battery life anymore. But that became a good excuse to buy the beautiful book that was specially made for the exhibition. If you are in the opportunity to go to this exhibition, go! It's such a beautiful exhibition you won't regret it. More information about the exhibition check the site of the Groninger Museum. If you want to see more about this amazing fashion designer check the site of Iris van Herpen

Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Secret Gardens at CBK

Yesterday I had a very nice opening of the exhibition and shop with the theme "de geheime tuin" (translates into "secret garden") which also had my collection "leaves Impression". This all happened at the CBK in Rotterdam. It was a great opening with lot's of people, lot's of flowers from the charming flower-girls walking around and lot's and lot's of talent that was displayed! Got in touch with some very interesting people! Some of them where Renske VersluijsBarbara SmitMadeleen Bloemendaal, J├Ârgen Smit, Susanne Vuyk and Niels van Hout , they are all worth checking out!  I went home not only very inspired and happy but also with a cute little gift envelope containing some sunflower-seeds.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Secret Gardens

This week I've been a busy bee perfecting my "Leaves Impression" collection for a new and improved Artshop and exhibition of the Centre of Art of Rotterdam. They exist for 30 years and celebrate this by having a wonderful exhibition called "de Geheime Tuin" which translates into "Secret Gardens". The very Exciting thing is that I will be featuring most of my "leaves Impression" Collection in their new and improved shop! If you are in Rotterdam and have time on the 5th of April around 17.30, come and join me for a drink at this amazing opening! Check their website for more details.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Nov'82 architects

Recently I am working on an exciting project that will be in shops soon! In the process of developing my product, I visited the two wonderful architects of NOV'82 architects in their studio. I must say they have one of the most interesting studio's I've ever seen! The Building is just two meters wide and has a lovely interior that perfectly suits their needs. I got really inspired by their way of working. Visit their site for info about their projects and vision. Later more about the project I visited them for so keep an eye on my blog!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Wohoo I am the new columnist for "de groene offerte" an initiative of the BNO (organization for dutch designers). If you can read dutch follow the link and enjoy my first column! You can read my column here! I'm gonna try my best to monthly produce something funny and interesting about my green design work and the dilemma's surrounding it. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rigorous spring cleaning!

I love this time of year, new buds everywhere and the promise of green and lush surroundings, it all makes me more than happy. This is for me also the time to start new things! For example this blog, I thought it could do with a little more than some dusting off! I changed the lay-out and made it a bit more fancy. I thought it was time for a new look, so here is my blog with a new coat on. But don't be afraid, I'm still the same. When the radar was silent there where some quite interesting things happening, so soon some more interesting new things to catch up on!