Saturday, June 19, 2010


Recently I was send an email with a message that was suprising to me. It was from someone who had read something about the course I am going to teach at the end of this year at the textile museum in tilburg about dyeing with eucalyptus. India Flint didn't seem to be very pleased that I did this. I was suprised to read this through her blog, you can read what she posted here.

Because there are always two sides to a story I wanted to share you mine. In advance I also want to make clear that I am not doing this because I'm mad or something like that. I just think it is important to see both sides of the story and then form your own judgment on the issue. Below I am posting  relevant email conversations between India and me. I changed nothing of the conversation or the context. the only one thing I left out is India's address and email of course for privacy reasons, I just copy-pasted it from my email inbox.

India if you might read this there is always a possiblilty to discuss the text featured on the website of the textile museum, if you don't agree, I am open to conversation.

----- Original Message -----
From: Wieteke Opmeer
To: india flint
Sent: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 21:05:57 +0100
Subject: Hai India!

Hai India,

It's been a while and I want to share that I have posted some pics on my blog of my latest collection all dyed with Eucalyptus.
From the designfair where I presented it, I got a lot of nice
reactions, from wich a lot of requests, if I could give workshops in dyeing in Eucalyptus.
I haven't reacted to any of them because I think I don't know enough to teach people everything there is to know about eco dyeing.

I hope you like the collection. If you want to see more I can send you some nice pics of some discovery's I've made with the eco print. 09/11/eco-eucalyptus-dyed-collection.html

Love Wieteke

ps: If you are okay with it, could you send me your adress so I can send you a thank you supprise? ;)

3-11-2009 7:36

dear Wieteke,

i do follow your blog [it appears in a little window on the side of mine] and saw your lovely pictures and also that you were kind enough to thank me, for which i thank YOU. so many students simply think that after one lesson they can go and teach what has been my life's work
that they can then make collections and present my ideas without acknowledgement. You on the other hand are taking an honourable path and it makes me very happy.

lots of love


(left adress out because of privacy reasons)

----- Original Message -----
From: Wieteke Opmeer
To: india flint
Sent: Mon, 31 May 2010 12:36:42 +0200
Subject: Hai

Hey India,

I wanted to let you know that I am asked to give a dye workshop at the textile Museum in Tilburg. After long thinking I have decided to give a one day course but I will only teach what I think I know best at this moment and that is eco dyeing and printing with eucalyptus. It will be a one day course about the basics of dyeing and printing with eucalyptus, I am also giving a presentation about my work as well as your work. I am not planning to copy your beautiful style or steel your work. I hope you understand that I will do this with the highest respect to you and your work. And that I will give you credit for the things I learned from you.
I just wanted to let you know before you might find this out another way,

Kind regards and with deep respect
Wieteke Opmeer

31-5-2010 15:10

thanks for letting me know, Wieteke

warm regards

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This sunday the 6th of june I was at 100XSUMMERDESIGN in Almere (NL) here I showed my sowing jewellery. It was a very intresting day!  The location was very remote and had the charm of Almere, surrounded by unfinished houses and lot's of sand, it was for me the most remarcable location I ever showed my work during an exhibition. I liked the fact that this neighboorhood was so new and unfinished. The weather was at the start of the day beautiful and warm. After a lovely vegetarian lunch there was a very interesting opening speach by designer Jurgen Bey. It was a nice day but unfortunatly the weather turned on us around three in the afternoon. It started to rain slightly so unfortunatly I had to decide to safely pack my watersoluble necklaces. This day was plannend to last until seven in the evening but unfortunatly most of the designers had to pack earlier to save their beautiful designs and go home. Sometimes nature has it's own agenda and we where not on it I guess. I left around four in the afternoon but still the day was very intresting and if the weather was good I would have been able to enjoy the whole day!
Below are some pictures to give an impression of the day.
The first two aerial photographs are from the website of "Museum de Paviljoens" and were taken by Maarten Feenstra.

Zondag was ik aanwezig bij 100XSUMMERDESIGN in Almere. Ik liet hier mijn Zaaisieraden zien. Het was een erg interessante dag! De locatie waar de tentoonstelling werd gehouden was heel afgelegen en had zeker de charme van Almere. Ik vond het heel interessant dat de wijk nog zo nieuw en onaf was met overal om ons heen onafgebouwde huizen en veel zand. Dit maakte de locatie tot een van de apartste locaties waar ik heb geĆ«xposeerd. Na een heerlijke vegetarische lunch opende Jurgen bey de tentoonstelling met een interessante speach. Het was verder een interessante dag alleen het weer had helaas zijn eigen agenda. Het begon helaas rond drie uur te regenen waardoor ik mijn water oplosbare sieraden moest opbergen. De dag was gepland om tot zeven uur 's avonds te duren alleen door de regen waren de meeste ontwerpers gedwongen hun ontwerpen in te pakken en zijn de meeste eerder vertrokken. Ik ben ook eerder terug gegaan om de sieraden een droog plekje te kunnen geven. Het was een interessante dag en een aparte locatie alleen zat helaas het weer niet mee. Hieronder een aantal foto's die een impressie geven van de dag. 
De eerste twee lucht foto's zijn van de website van  "Museum de Paviljoens" en zijn genomen door Maarten Feenstra.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm alive! And kicking!

It has been much to long ago that I posted something! So no excuses and let's just catch up with everything that happend! Because there has happend a lot! I haven't posted in a while because I started to illustrate a story written by my father that we will try to get published! Below some sketches, it is far from finised so these are sketches.

Het is veel te lang geleden dat ik iets gepost heb! Dus geen excuses en laat ik even vertellen over alles wat er in de tussentijd is gebeurd, want er is veel gebeurd! Ik heb een tijdje niet gepost omdat ik heel druk bezig was met het illustreren van een verhaal geschreven door mijn vader, dit gaan we proberen te laten uitgeven! Het is verre van af dus hieronder een aantal schetsen. 

Besides that I've been asked by the Textile Museum of Tilbrug (NL) to design and make a collection of ecodyed scarfes that they will be sell in the museumshop! So that's great news! In the same spirit I am going to give a workshop in october of this year at the Textile Museum where I will teach everything you need to know about how to dye with Eucalyptus, If you would like to join, you can register at this site here you can find more about what the program of the workshop is!

Hiernaast ben ik gevraagd om voor het Textiel Museum van Tilburg om een serie ecologisch geverfde sjaals te ontwerpen en maken die verkocht zullen worden vanaf het einde van het jaar in de winkel van het Textiel Museum. In hetzelfde kader ga ik in Oktober een workshop geven in Tilburg bij het Textiel Museum. Tijdens deze workshop van een dag behandel ik alles wat je moet weten over het verven met eucalyptus. Als je het leuk vind om hier aan mee te doen kun je je inschrijven via deze site. Hier kan je ook meer vinden over wat ik behandel tijdens deze workshopdag!  

I have also been invited by Museum de Paviljoens to showcase my sowing jewelry and picknickblanket at the event 100xSUMMERDESIGN Almere at sunday june 6! So that already upcoming sunday! Looking forward to that day! It's bound te be lot's of fun with all the designers. You can chat with everyone so if you have the chance come and visit! visit their site for more info about this day.

Ik ben ook uitgenodigd door Museum de Paviljoens om mijn Zaai Sieraden en mijn picknick kleed Kiem Kleed te laten zien in Almere op zondag 6 Juni tijdens de tentoonstelling 100xSUMMERDESIGN. Dus dat is al aankomende zondag! Ik heb zin in deze dag, het beloofd een hele leuke dag te worden met veel interessante ontwerpers waarvan er veel aanwezig zullen zijn op deze dag. Je kunt dan met veel ontwerpers praten dus als je dat ziet zitten moet je zeker even langs komen! Je kunt meer info vinden over deze dag op hun site. 

And also something very exciting! From the 24th till the 27th of June I will be selling a new eco product on which I am working hard now! It will be affordable and very much fun! The sales weekend will be during the graduation exhibition of the HKU in Utrecht. When that date is coming closer I will let you know more about that!

A bit further on the summer calender there will be a big exhibition where my work will be showed at an exhibition in Utrecht during 6 weeks in this summer. The exhibition is called "Steunkleur Groen" which translates into "Supporting Color Green" More about that exhibition later on!

I am also invited to very interesting project at the end of this year in Almere (NL) again. This is promises to become a very interesting project in which lot's of interesting eco oriented designers will show new work and me included!
So I haven't been sleeping! I will keep you all posted on new developments

En nog iets interessants is dat ik de 24ste tot en met de 27ste Juni een nieuw product zal gaan verkopen tijdens de afstudeer tentoonstelling van de HKU (Utrecht). Ik werk op dit moment hard om dit af te krijgen. Het word leuk en betaalbaar dus laat je verrassen! Als deze data dichterbij komt zal ik hierover ook meer vertellen. 

Nog iets later in de zomer is mijn werk te bewonderen gedurende 6 weken tijdens een tentoonstelling in de binnenstad van Utrecht genaamd "steunkleur Groen" waaraan allemaal interessante groen georiĆ«nteerde ontwerpers en kunstenaars deelnemen. Later daarover meer! 

Aan het einde van dit jaar ben ik weer te vinden in Almere. Hier ben ik uitgenodigd voor een interessant project over ecologie cradle to cradle enz. Dit word een interessante project waarin er nieuw werk te zien zal zijn van allerlei interessante ontwerpers en kunstenaars die werken met de natuur, waaronder ikzelf! Later hierover meer.
Zoals je wel gemerkt heb ben ik niet in slaap gevallen, ik ga weer posten zodra er weer nieuwe leuke vorderingen zijn!