Tuesday, April 5, 2011

never-ending-art publication 2011

A while ago I had the start of an exhibition called Never ending art (see the my blogpost about that here). At this exhibition I presented the work "Bosfeestje". A few days ago this Exhibition came to an end and this was celebrated with a lovely day in the forest where the whole project started and with the presentation of a beautiful publication of this project. All the artists who participated worked together to make a communal art piece in the forest to announce the start of a folly which will be build later on. I took some photo's during this day, so enjoy!

And to celebrate this closing of the exhibition with all you readers I want to give one publication box away! (a description of this box is found below) If you want one of these publications let me know why you want this box plus your postal address and send this in an email to  wieteke"at"wietekeopmeer.nl . I will announce who the lucky winner is in the next blogpost! The publication will be send to you! (if you live abroad please understand that I will charge just the shipping costs because otherwise it will be a very expensive gift) Please note that this publication is in dutch!

We started this day with the presentation of the publication of this art project and giving the first issue of this publication to the director of the foundation of city and nature, Hans Warrink (picture above)

Also nice was that the landscape architect who designed this area was also present. He could tell us a lot of interesting features of this lovely forest near Almere in Flevoland.

The publication consisted of a box with a small booklet containing a description of all the interesting art projects produced for this exhibition.

And next to the booklet the box is filled with A6 format cards with pictures of the artworks. Each artist has their work presented on three of those beautiful cards.

After the presentation the artists all went for a long walk through the forest to determine the perfect spot for our communal artwork, during this walk we found the forest just preparing for spring, which was very nice to see.

After this walk we determined the best spot for a communal spontaneous art work made with recycled materials.