Tuesday, September 28, 2010

keeping calm and trying to carry on.

You all must have noticed that my blog has been silent for a long time. This has a reason. My life has made a turn. After 8 wonderful years together, my relationship with my love has ended. And as you can imagine it wasn't and still isn't easy. This made it difficult to keep posting regularly.

In the meanwhile I have been busy with basic things, like finding a new place to stay, finding a good second job next to my work as a designer. I haven't made a full recovery with the practical side of finding a good place to live but I have already managed to find a perfect second job. In the mean time I'm just trying to keep calm and carry on....

There still have been exhibitions of my work and even new developments. I will keep posting about new developments and projects because that's what's life is about! I will not stop my work as a designer. So let's say hello to a fresh new future filled with all new things to discover. I will keep you posted again!

Wishing you all lot's of love, Wieteke