Monday, June 18, 2012

photo development

There is a new and exciting development in my work I want to share with you!  Recently somebody asked me how I found the photographer who photographed all my work shown on my website. On which I surprisedly answered "I always do it myself!"
I was somewhat surprised by the comments after people knew I made all pictures shown on my website myself. They said that the photo's looked so professional that they where surprised I made them. I've always photographed my own work for documentation and for my website. Also in my free time I love to photograph just for fun, so I really felt complemented by the comments, it was really nice. After these interesting remarks I got some invitations from people surrounding me to photograph for professional reasons. I was so enthusiastic that without a doubt I right away took on the photo "assignments" and did my best to make them perfect. After making the pictures, I was really surprised and so proud to hear that they liked it and where even going to use them! And now I may proudly say that I shot the cover of a magazine, and the opening spread of an article featured in the same magazine called "Down to Earth Magazine". This magazine is very into environmental situations and actions all over the world. If your interested you can also check out their facebook or follow them on twitter! And I can also proudly say that there is also a poster for a theater play and a CD cover on the way! It's amazing! I can't believe how quickly this goes! I really love doing this so who knows what is next! Below is the cover of the magazine. Later on I will keep you up to date with the other photo's assignments I did!


Martine said...

je foto's waren idd altijd al geweldig weten anderen het ook!

Wieteke I. Opmeer said...

dankjewel voor de complimenten Martine!