Monday, September 22, 2014

limited edition extra large hawthorn needles

I've wanted to make these beauty's for a long time now but i couldn't find the time with all kinds of projects on my mind (which I'll share with you later on). Because the regular hawthorn needles all of a sudden sold out (yeah!) i realized i had to find some time to finish the limited edition. And here they proudly are, my newest finished product. Made from the largest thorns from the may-tree. Looking a little different from the smaller regular hawthorn needles, which where one color, these needles have the unique quality of having a darker colored tip. The needles are longer in size. They are also stronger which makes them great for the coarser textile crafts. I could only make a few of these beauty's because the largest thorns are a rare find. So if you would love one these beauty's to complement your sewing equipment, be quick!

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