Sunday, February 15, 2015

waarmaakdag, paying it forward

A short while ago I got invited to be part of a great event. It is called 'waarmaakdag' in dutch, which translates into 'make it happen-day'. Professionals from all kinds of disciplines ranging from lawyers,  social media experts, tax specialists, design specialists and lots of more interesting people are asked to share their knowledge 'pro bono' with all participants of this event. This beautiful event is organized all over the Netherlands and I was invited to help as a specialist in my field (design) on a 'make it happen-day' in Leiden (a beautiful neighboring city of where I live).

traveling through Leiden
For me it was a very interesting first participation. Wondering what to expect I traveled by the break of dawn to Leiden. I met all the other professionals before the event began. A great atmosphere was already starting as every professional introduced them selfs. So much knowledge was going to be available that day! Every professional got their own neat desk which would serve as a consulting desk for all participants with questions. This was all happening on valentines-day so it felt a little like knowledge speed-dating!
my cozy desk for the day
When the event started, all participants started to consult with their specialist of choice. I was surprised how versatile the people where that took place at my desk telling their story's and asking their questions. It was really inspiring to be able see into their lives and work. Surprisingly I only had three people at my desk that asked direct questions that concerned design. All the other participants I had a chance to help, had such different questions. I was really intrigued and curious how I could help them. I quickly discovered that I of course did not only have to answer peoples design questions. I was able to use my creativity for any challenge delivered to me. It was inspiring to notice every person that left my desk, left it with a smile and renewed energy to take on their personal challenge. And in the process I also got in touch with people that could lead to some inspirational collaborations :-)

the location itself was inspiring already
The 'waarmaakdag' in Leiden was organized by the amazing initiative called de gangmakerij,
go check them out because they do a lot more interesting things!
These 'waarmaakdagen' are organized all over the Netherlands, check out for more info!

You can imagine I left that day with a smile that wouldn't go away :-)   

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